Interview filming in Milan and all over Italy is among Paolo’s most requested video services. Having worked as director of photography all over Europe for almost 20 years, he knows exactly how to find the perfect frame in any location. Paolo can stage and direct all types of video interview. This includes long sit-down interviews for corporate videos or documentaries, as well as shorter stand-up interviews for event highlight videos or quick brand introductions. In both cases, Paolo can find the best spot and set the frame the right way to achieve the perfect result on camera.

Paolo has worked as DOP on countless video productions and in so many different locations. This has given him the necessary experience to quickly find the best solutions, even in challenging circumstances. For example, he can successfully arrange interview filming in the narrow back stages of fashion shows and have done so many times over his career. Also, he can carry out quick vox pops interviews on the streets or at big events venues, making the interviewees at ease in a very short time. Supported by his crew of producers and skilled video makers, Paolo Mantero has successfully provided interview filming in Milan for internationally renowned brands, including Forbes, Lufthansa and Cisco, to quote a few.

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