Paolo’s main expertise is corporate video production in Milan and Italy. Over the course of 20 years in this business, he travelled the world to create corporate videos for international clients. This allowed him to gain different perspectives on this job, both culturally and technically, learning to make the best out of any situation. This invaluable experience made him a complete DOP and cinematographer, with proven technical skills and exceptional creativity. Paolo’s remarkable communication skills are an essential advantage in his job as a director of photography. By talking to clients and listening to what they want to achieve, he manages to quickly turn simple ideas in amazing visual solutions. Moreover, he can bring with him his trusted team to provide a full production crew. Specifically, he works with producers, experienced videographers, talented photographers and editors. Paolo’s team can deliver a full video production service, covering every aspect of videomaking.

In the corporate video production field specifically, Paolo has worked on completely different projects. One of the most common, yet effective, solutions is the company presentation video. This usually includes b-roll of the facilities and interviews with key managers or employees. Paolo realized countless of productions like these, including some for esteemed brands like Hp, Lufthansa, AWS and more. In the last few years, however, Paolo has been focusing more on stories productions, for major international brands like Cisco and Forbes. These corporate videos are usually set up as short documentary style productions. The audience gets to know a protagonist via interviews and by following their everyday working life. This kind of docu-style corporate projects definitely allows more room for Paolo’s creativity as a cinematographer and have proven very successful for his clients.

He looks forward to work for you on your next corporate video production, in Milan or wherever you need.