Paolo Mantero is a DOP with 19 years of experience in this business. He works as director of photography on many different video production projects, including those requiring aerial filming, in Milan and Italy. Paolo has trusted drone pilots in his team, and he is a drone videographer himself. Over the years, the techniques to realize aerial footage have evolved and drastically changed. Nowadays, shooting with drones is way easier than it used to be, and has become more cost-effective.

Paolo personally shoots with small, light drones. This choice allows him to keep the quality of his images extremely high, while being free to fly almost anywhere. It also gives him the chance to be more flexible with the location choice, since these types of drones are small and easy to carry. However, if a client has a specific need for a different model of drone, Paolo can count on other trusted pilots in his crew, some of which fully licensed. His comprehensive vision of each project enables him to know exactly how to fit drone videography in any production. His clients can fully trust him with their ideas, and Paolo will advise them on how and when to add aerial footage to their video productions.

Contact him for aerial filming in Milan and everywhere in Europe.